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Internship Spotlights

In My Own Words: Students describe their milestones, challenges and the value of Academic Internships
  • Raquel Salazar
    Spring 2022: Harlandale ISD
  • Daisy Gonzalez-Quezada
    Fall 2021 Easy Event Planning. Mentored by Kathleen Kilmer.
  • Michele Stockton
    FOX KABB. Mentored by Chuck Miketinac.
  • Katelyn Earhart
    Fall 2021 San Antonio Current. Mentored by Sanford Nowlin.
  • Luis Calderon
    Fall 2021 Valamayo Social. Mentored by Fernando Tamayo
  • Dee Garcia
    Fall 2021 Univision. Mentored by Roland Davila and Allison Roque.
  • Miranda Rasche
    Spring 2021 Mays Center for Experiential Learning & Community Engagement. Mentored by Laura Nygaard
  • Mario Ruiz
    Spring 2021 House of Neighborly Service. Mentored by Susan Albert.
  • Amber Villarreal
    Spring 2021 Refugee Services of Texas. Mentored by Emily Tetsch
  • Jay Moreno
    Spring 2021 San Antonio Current. Mentored by Sanford Nowlin & Kelly Merka Nelson
  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Spring 2021 Enlace Newscast. Mentored by Dr. Vinicio Sinta
  • Brielle Puentes
    Spring 2021 Rush Cycle. Mentored by Valerie Camet
  • Brianna Olvera
    Fall 2020 Univision. Mentored by Monica Navarro.
  • David Rojas
    Fall 2020 Univision. Mentored by Antonio Guillen.
  • Solomon Wilson
    Fall 2020 San Antonio African American Community Archive & Museum
  • Hannah Lopez
    Fall 2020 Millspec Automotive
  • Aseneth Rosado
    Fall 20 Latina Podcasters
  • Sasha Robinson
    Fall 2020 VYPE Media
  • Monica Lopez
    Spring 2020 Urban Bricks Pizza.
  • Gianna Del Giudice
    Spring 2020 Valamayo Social. Mentored by Fernando Tamayo.
  • Mia Garcia
    Spring 2020 University Access at TAMU-San Antonio.
  • Betsy Calderon
    Spring 2020 Univision. Mentored by Moana Ramirez & Team.
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