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General Questions



A Coach Helps you
clarify your values and strengths
Generate ways to overcome challenges that are aligned with your values
Supports you in adopting and strengthening your desired identity
Provides accountability, if desired


A Coach Doesn’t
Tell you what to do
Judge you or your choices
Take command
Do the work or make decisions for you


I work with people who have career and life goals and who are experiencing tension and conflict within themselves (and sometimes others) about next steps, difficulty making decisions, imposter syndrome, overworking for someone else’s benefit, and lack of recognition.

About half of my coaching clients are women affiliated with higher education. The other half are professionals working on defining alignment between work and life but experiencing some frustration, isolation or both,

Many clients I work with feel stuck in some aspect of their life and career and want to make small and large changes with the help of a well-trained coaching partner.

Clients hire me when they are seeking a coaching partner to help them make plans or decisions related to effective communication. Here are some of situations people are in when they come to me for coaching.


I want to communicate better with my supervisor, but we are not seeing eye-to-eye
I am underpaid for the work I do and have not asked for adequate compensation
I am having an interpersonal problem at work but have avoided discussing it
I want a higher level position but no one is listening
I want a new job, but I’m afraid to leave
I am overwhelmed at work but haven’t told anyone
I want people to be more responsive and respectful of me
I want to communicate/lead more effectively across different generations

A typical coaching session follows a format focused on you, your well being and your progress:

  1. We check-in to see how you’re doing.
  2. You update me on what’s happened since we last met.
  3. We clarify the focus of today’s session.
  4. We coach around your chosen focus area.
  5. You select action you want to take between sessions.

Each client’s needs are different, but sessions will follow a similar structure. In each session, we’ll start with setting an agenda. We first get clear on (1) what it is you’d like to change or be moving towards and (2) what your values and motivators are.

There is specific attention on trust building. Coaching works only if you feel safe to be yourself and open with your coaching partner.

The goalkick acronym is a fitting set of ideas and principles for what can result for you as a result of  learning more about yourself, what you need, and what you intend for others.

oal clarification
Options to meet your goals
A set of action steps to move closer to your goals
Live in alignment with your values
Know and apply your strengths
Intuitive Power to make decisions
Continuous improvement
Knowing and trusting yourself


2024 Coaching Rates


I offer coaching by Zoom. Depending in your needs, a coaching engagement typically is comprised of a set of sessions ranging from 6 to 10 sessions, with each session lasting 30-50 minutes. I schedule my clients every week, every other week (preferred), or on an as-needed basis. While each session is scheduled at the client’s convenience, it is recommended to not go more than three weeks between each meeting to foster momentum.

Each 6-session package is $1600 and each 12-session package is $3200.

All coaching packages include a guided plan of coaching goals, coaching sessions via video conference (Zoom), and email support between sessions.Payment plan options are available by request. Coaching packages can also be paid for through institutional professional development funds or grant funds when appropriate.

Early Career Package
Additionally, to support the professional development of early career professionals, I offer reduced pricing for those who have completed a college degree in the last 24 months.


Early Career Package  
Individual Sessions $50/Hr
Set of 6 sessions/3-4 months $300.00
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