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Hello! My name is Jenny. I’m a Communication coach. I specialize in coaching individuals to communicate more effectively to reach their personal and professional goals with more clarity, confidence, and ease.


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Communicate to Connect and Excel

I specialize in communication coaching to help academics and other professionals develop their brand, tell their story, and share their research and knowledge with engaged audiences. I have coached early, mid- and advanced professionals to develop a communication style that prepares and positions each diverse individual to showcase themselves and their most meaningful work. The mission of Moore Than Coaching is to help you Clarify Your Professional Goals while Feeling Uniquely Yourself, at Your Own Speed, and in your Own Way.

As a communications professor and educator with 20+ years experience, I have a deep background in helping others communicate effectively. I have helped hundreds to obtain their degrees, find suitable entry-level positions, negotiate career advancement, and celebrate work/life balance while finding confidence in their own path.

Coaching Background: I am pursuing my ACC-Level coach certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) summer 2024. I have completed over 150 hours of coach training.

Academic Background:
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Through The Terrain of How You Found Your Voice - Moore Than Coaching | Intuitive Communication for your Career
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Through The Terrain of How You Found Your Voice

You experiment daily with talking, holding back, sitting still, and forging ahead with presenting, telling, and sharing, You learn to communicate through trial and error.

The ability to communicate effectively lies at the heart of forging meaningful connections and achieving excellence in your career and relationships. Through personalized guidance, I empower you to unlock your full potential, not only by honing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills but also by offering invaluable insights into navigating the intricate pathways of your chosen professional world.  With a little guidance, you can learn and un-learn, play, and experiment to communicate with clarity, build strong networks, and excel in in your career and relationships.

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